Our Syrah wine



An enigma to be fully discovered. With a versatile shine. A solemn appearance, with chromaticity to currant red changing to an intense dark color violet.

Corporeal frame:
Indeed, an splendid august wine. A noticeable smooth and silky texture, with an steady and consistent natural character. Throughout the time of its maturity acquires personality, however, it also surprises with unexpected youth outlooks. Bountiful and replete of rounded tannins of reduced astringency after the most convenient aging into barrels.


A balsamic fragrance calling to mind the leather, truffle and violet essences. At its tender age, give us interesting signs of coconut, vanilla and affectionate blackberries.

After testing it, you will find how has been cultivated, the veritable genuine savor. Affectionate oily at mouth, dynamic and nurtured. With an appropriate alcohol degree. The prevailing flavors are the black currant, cassis and blackberry jam, as well as spicy flavors leaving a lasting memory at mouth.

Maturity :
Yes, we are talking about an ardent wine, well settled and consolidated. It allows a long term storage, because of this, oak and bottle aging are welcome by our wine. Well developed with the time passing by, metamorphosing into a highly regarded body.


This wine from our own lands, results a luxury partner to flavors with strong characteristics. Clearly, providing us with an enhacement of stylish snazzy flavor. Very appropriate for aged cheese, and for hunting, spiced and grilled meat as well.

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