CASA DEL PORTAL, is a 45 hectares land, 25 of them are soil dedicated to vineyard purposes.

Is one of the “Escalera del Mayorazgo” farms. Some of our higher quality vineyards are located here.

Outstanding emblem, of our grapes culture.

These vineyards, are located within the Guilanda lands. Its perimeter has been surrounded, by a protective olive grove. It’s agriculture process is the rainfed one. Monastrell variety and native plant as well. Its grapes are of a higher quality. The vineyards occupy one end, almost bordering the region of Castilla-La Mancha.

Such plantation, has been acquired past century, at its nineties decade.

Their plots and terraces, are known as: “Viña de la Guilanda”, “Viña del Veredil”, “Bancal de La Casa Portal”, “Pieza de la Cañada” y “Bancal del burro”.