Our Merlot wine:




Our wine has an intense ruby color with violet hues . With maturation is usually darker than the young.


Corporeal frame:

Elegant . Soft. With an stylished and gentle body.



A fine aromatic wine , with slight traces of fruity fragrances, among which we can see evidence of currant, blackberry , red and purple flowers.



Fresh young wine, free from overweight of dense tannins. Delicious at mouth. It shares generous a flavorful aftertaste, to traces of honey and raisin.



Our wine can be drunk young , even freshly brewed , because it does not requires a mandatory bottle aging. Although to achieve its adulthood, can result tempting, due it becomes more heterogeneous and complex.



We suggest to pair it with grilled tuna pepper and mussels. Or Norwegian Salmon.


In order to fully appreciate it, join us at our habitual weekend meals, at our Andalusian horses equestrian center (www.EscaleraDelMayorazgo.com). In the meantime, let the children have fun with our ponies. Call us now, to include you.