Let us introduce you, our vineyard CASA DEL MAYORAZGO. Settled at the Jumilla’s highlands, just at the heart of the Múrcia region (Spain). 

Placed 700 meters above the sea level, comprehends 380 hectares dedicated to the farming and crop of vines, almonds, oil olives, lucerne plant and Andalusian Horses feed and nurture. 

The farms group includes the vineyards: “Casa del Portal”, “Casa de los Ciegos”, “Casa del Ordenado” and the “Casa del Mayorazgo” one.  

The crop production of its vineyards, are cup technique and direct branch. Its pruning and cultivation are done with manual traditional techniques, as we have learnt from our ancestors. Harvesting is done manually too, only after a thoroughgoing exam in order to verify its optimum quality. 

About our oldest vineyards, they are from the 60’s decade. Moreover, the new and recent ones, are of the nineties decade, past century. 

There is a stud quadrille of Andalusian horses, and a rich and fertile grazing zone as well.