CASA DE LOS CIEGOS, a splendid 50 hectares area of a vivacious land, settled at the “Escalera del Mayorazgo”’s highest zone.


The vineyard plantation, has been intuitive disposed surrounding the CASA DE LOS CIEGOS. Reaches the “Casa del Ordenado” property, also, the same way touches the “Casa del Mayorazgo”’s vineyard. Most of its surface, has been planted with excellent and beautiful Monastrell and Syrah grape varieties.


At its beginnings, the vineyards were planted and daily cared, by courageous blind people. They did it the old fashioned way, using traditional pick and shovels, leading mules and horses as well. Hence its name.


The CASA DE LOS CIEGOS vineyards, are the “Escalera del Mayorazgo” oldest ones.


Certainly, its 50 years old strains provide an outstanding quality of wines. Because its variety and age, are unequaled in that area.